Associate Deans Conference

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We are pleased to announce the winner of the Attend an AACSB Conference for Free Promotion:
Mike Henry, Associate Dean, School of Business, Grant MacEwan University

There’s a key element of success to your job: balance. And it doesn’t come easy. Whether you’re an associate or assistant dean, department chair, in charge of program management and curriculum, or responsible for internal b-school operations (academic affairs, faculty development etc.), there are best practices and strategies to ensure you can achieve your goals as effectively as you can.

This conference is perfect for those looking to:

  • Thrive while handling the unique challenges of your position.
  • Identify ways to more effectively work with your dean, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders.
  • Drive the achievement of your school’s mission and strategic goals.
  • Advance your professional growth and develop new skills.
  • Network with experienced professionals in similar roles.

This is the perfect opportunity to take a moment away from your hectic schedule and reflect on the key purpose of your position. Find new ways integrate current management trends, and learn best practices from your professional peers. Together, you can find solutions to challenges specific to your position, and come away with a revitalized approach to your daily responsibilities.

Who Should Attend

Aspiring, new, or experienced associate and assistant deans, deans with responsibility for internal business school operations, program directors, department chairs, faculty, curriculum, and business school teams.

Conference Chair

Denise T. Smart
McCoy of Business Administration
Texas State University


"I attended both the Symposium for New Associate Deans and the Associate Deans Conference. I found them both to be extremely informative and helpful. Kudos to AACSB for putting on two very useful meetings!"

—2012 Participant

"I am not an Associate Dean yet, but was very happy to be able to go to the conference to learn more about the responsibilities before undertaking the position. My suggestion is to strongly encourage all current Associate Deans and aspiring Associate Deans to attend this conference."

—2012 Participant

"You are not alone! Network with your peers at the AACSB Associate Dean Conference."

—2012 Participant

"This conference is very reliable for the value of excellent networking opportunities, the strength of its organization and learning and opportunities."

—2012 Participant

Additional Learning Opportunities:

Lessons for Aspiring Deans Seminar
Date: November 8–9, 2014
> Register Online

In this unique and interactive seminar, you will learn from people (not a PowerPoint presentation) the most effective interviewing tips and tricks, including five questions you should be able to answer when interviewing for a deanship.

Seminar for New Associate Deans
Date: November 8–9, 2014
> Register Online

Taking on and mastering the role and responsibilities of an associate dean can pose significant challenges, and depending on the circumstance, the position can be overwhelming. Designed to ease your transition into this new function, the Seminar for New Associate Deans provides you with an understanding of your new role.