Participants and Graduates

For Potential Employers

Graduates from an AACSB endorsed Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Program may be classified as academically qualified/scholarly academic in their disciplines for a period of five years from the date of graduation.

The central tenet of the standards remains that all faculty are necessary to support high-quality academic programs, continuous improvement, and high quality graduates.

These outcomes are delivered by faculty members that:

  • are experts in the subject matter of their teaching and research fields;
  • are experts in the educational process and the theory of learning; and
  • are active scholars through their research and other development activities that support the maintenance of intellectual capital in their teaching field.

Graduates from the AACSB-endorsed Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Programs have gained sufficient additional preparation, through course work and research completed to meet the initial qualification for this requirement. Initial qualifications are valid for five years. Appropriate scholarly activities need to be undertaken in order to maintain this qualification beyond the initial five year period.

Graduate Recruiting

Graduates of AACSB International Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Programs are doctorally qualified faculty from academic disciplines outside of business and have completed an intensive post-doctoral program focused on one of a variety of business disciplines. The primary goal of the programs' graduates is to obtain a faculty or academic position within a business school.

AACSB-Endorsed Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Programs

> Grenoble Ecole de Management
> University of Florida
> University of Toledo

For Graduates: Posting Your Resume on AACSB's BizSchoolJobs

BizSchoolJobs is AACSB International's online career center. The site offers anonymous resume posting, the ability to view jobs, personalized job alerts, and customized job seeker accounts. We encourage Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Program graduates to also post their resumes through this website.