eNEWSLINE Live (ENL)eNEWSLINE Live (ENL), is a streaming video program addressing global topics and trends in management education. Hosted on a regular basis by John Fernandes, president and CEO of AACSB, ENL is home to experts from the world of business education who will provide insight on various related topics. The broadcast is aired in multiple time zones for increased global access.

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Accreditation’s Unwavering Role, in a Volatile World

Speaker: Linda A. Livingstone
Dean, School of Business, The George Washington University and Chair, AACSB International Board of Directors

September 2, 2014—Available in Multiple Time Zones

Having served institutions of higher education well for more than 100 years, many would assume that the future of accreditation looks solid. However, as the speed of change in education results in greater demands for accountability and quality assurance among universities and schools, accrediting bodies must too adapt to how they approach and fulfill their own missions. With nearly 50 countries represented by AACSB International’s more than 700 accredited institutions, the world of accreditation has become more complex and inclusive of an increasingly diverse set of variables that the organization must take into account.

As AACSB approaches its centennial in 2016, the organization is reflecting on how much has changed since it began accrediting business schools. Looking ahead, AACSB realizes that subsequent evolution is expected within business school accreditation in order to effectively support AACSB’s global membership in its mission to achieve and deliver quality management education.

Tune in to this episode of eNEWSLINE Live with Linda A. Livingstone, dean of the School of Business at The George Washington University and chair, AACSB International Board of Directors. Dean Livingstone will discuss the future of accreditation, including the comparative advantages and benefits associated with AACSB Accreditation, as well as answer questions regarding risks and challenges facing accreditation. Dean Livingstone brings to this ENL discussion more than 12 years of experience as dean, as well as an impressive resume of service to AACSB, including serving on the Blue Ribbon Committee on Accreditation Quality, the AACSB 2020 Committee, and chairing both the Committee on Issues in Management Education, and the Continuous Improvement Review Committee.

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