eNEWSLINE Live (ENL)eNEWSLINE Live (ENL), is a streaming video program addressing global topics and trends in management education. Hosted on a regular basis by John Fernandes, president and CEO of AACSB, ENL is home to experts from the world of business education who will provide insight on various related topics. The broadcast is aired in multiple time zones for increased global access.

Upcoming Broadcast: March 3, 2015

With Crisis, Comes Opportunity

Erika James Effectively managing crises has not always been an important component of an organization’s management structure, but with the advent of disruption becoming an all too common term within industry leaders’ vocabularies, business schools are finding themselves in a place to positively influence the crisis management strategies implemented by business leaders, as well as within their own institutions.

Erika James, dean of the Goizueta Business School at Emory University, will be joining John Fernandes for the March 3, 2015, broadcast of eNEWSLINE Live. They will discuss effective strategies for leading members of an organization in times of crisis and pressure, both within industry and management education. Dean James brings to the discussion a noteworthy portfolio of research and consulting experience regarding effective decision making under pressure, managing change processes, workplace diversity, and building trust. She is the former president of the Institute for Crisis Management and has authored numerous papers and multimedia case studies on her topics of research, including her "After the Oil Spills: Deepwater Horizon" case studies.

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