Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

  • Relevant legal structure: The Department of Education and Training and the education ministries in several foreign countries have signed Memoranda of Understanding with regard to areas of co-operation including: staff exchanges; development of institutional links; co-operation in research and development; Recognition of qualifications and credit transfer; exchange of information on education policy, systems, curriculum development, governance, education materials, etc.; and development of twinning programs.
  • Institutional support available: Qualifications recognition in Australia is largely decentralized and controlled by the individual Higher Education Providers (in the case of qualifications for study), or the state governments (in cases of the comparison of overseas professional qualifications with Australian qualifications). The education institution, such as a university, higher education provider or registered training organisation, assesses overseas qualifications for admission to study. Information about Australia education providers, courses, scholarships, the application process and requirements is at Study in Australia.
  • Statistics: