Internationally Mobile Students

  • Relevant legal structure: Australia is a very active player in the global market for higher education, and is highly encouraging of international students who wish to study there. Australia provides rigorous protection for international students through the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) legislation, which requires institutions that provide education to international students, to meet nationally consistent standards in education delivery, facilities and services. Breaches of the Act are treated seriously and the penalties can be significant. Also, for quality assurance and the protection of international students, any course of study offered to an overseas student who is on a student visa to study in Australia must be registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institution and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
  • Institutional support available: Study in Australia is the official Australian Government website for overseas students interested in studying there, and is available in over 20 different languages.
  • Statistics: In 2013, all of the top five source countries for internationally mobile students in Australia were Asian: China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India, according to Department of Education and Training statistics. 25.0 percent of all students in the Australian higher education system were from overseas, and 50.1 percent of all internationally mobile students were enrolled in courses of study that fell under the Management and Commerce classification.