Accounting Accreditation Seminar

Led by facilitators with years of experience on AACSB peer review teams and accreditation committees, this popular seminar puts your school in the best position to earn or maintain AACSB Accounting Accreditation.

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Advisory Council Seminar

This seminar helps you cultivate and empower Business Advisory Council (BAC) members in ways that ensure your advisory council will be a strategic asset of your institution.

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Applied Assessment Seminar *

(Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, North America)

After you have attended AACSB's Assessment or Assurance of Learning (AoL) Seminar and have a strong, working knowledge of accreditation and assessment, the next step is to attend the Applied Assessment Seminar where you will use your expertise to update and formulate programmatic learning goals.

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Applied Assurance of Learning Seminar *

(Asia Pacific)

Specifically designed for those familiar with Assurance of Learning directives, this seminar enables attendees to review actual assessment plan outcomes to determine which goals need further development, and provides guidance on how best to revise them.

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Assessment Seminar *

(Africa, Europe, North America, South America)

Are you new to assessment or the Assurance of Learning (AoL) process? Have you recently been appointed to be involved in program assessment? Are you in the process of creating or revising an existing assessment process at your business school?

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Assurance of Learning Seminar *

(Asia Pacific, India, Middle East)

The Assurance of Learning (AoL) Seminar exposes you to a broad view of the AACSB Accreditation standards and presents best practices so that you can implement an effective AoL system. 

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Bridge Programs

AACSB offers two unique Bridge Programs to assist both experienced business professionals and non-business doctoral faculty with career transitions into a business school. 

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Business Accreditation Seminar

Business schools have to juggle a number of responsibilities while working with various stakeholders—making the goal of AACSB Accreditation seem challenging. AACSB can guide you along the journey to reaching your business school's full potential.

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Continuous Improvement Review Seminar

This seminar examines your school's strategic management efforts based on a year-by-year overview of the continuous improvement review process, and demonstrates how the feedback you received from your continuous improvement review visit can prepare your business school for future visits. 

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Curriculum Development Series

This innovative series focuses on the design, implementation, and delivery of curricula throughout business degree programs. Participants will learn effective pedagogical approaches and receive intensive training in a variety of subject areas including: critical thinking, experiential learning, leadership, supply chain management, global management capabilities, and design thinking and innovation.

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Department Chairs Seminar

Continuous improvement within a business school requires a commitment to establishing a sense of community within a school's learning environment. For the department chair, the challenge is to foster productive change while still being able to support and satisfy the faculty and student needs.

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NewEnhancing and Measuring Impact Forum

In recent years, business schools have been given the charge of assessing impact at their institution, while making a difference with internal/external stakeholders, the surrounding business community, and society at large. But how do we define and measure impact? And in what capacities can b-schools make an impact?

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Leading in the Academic Enterprise Series

NewIt is widely acknowledged in business schools and the broader university community that the preparation of faculty and administrators for leadership roles in their institution falls short of the need for such training. Furthermore, this problem is prevalent on a global scale. Leading in the Academic Enterprise™ addresses this important gap in the professional development of future academic leaders.

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Lessons for Aspiring Deans Seminar

In this unique and interactive seminar, you will learn from people (not a PowerPoint presentation) the most effective interviewing tips and tricks, including five questions you should be able to answer when interviewing for a deanship.

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New Deans Seminar

The New Deans Seminar is a "must-attend" event that provides insightful advice on how to handle the first few years—including interactive discussions regarding expectations, career path, strategic planning, and AACSB Accreditation. 

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Seminar for New Associate Deans

Taking on and mastering the role and responsibilities of an associate dean can pose significant challenges, and depending on the circumstance, the position can be overwhelming. Designed to ease your transition into this new function, the Seminar for New Associate Deans provides you with an understanding of your new role.  

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Strategies for Delivering Online/Hybrid Courses and Degree Programs Seminar

In this difficult budgetary environment, colleges of business are being asked to do more with less. Demand for access to accredited business education continues to increase in the face of shrinking budgets. This seminar allows participants to interactively explore strategies for successfully developing and implementing online and hybrid business programs.

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NewTeaching Effectiveness Seminar in Latin America

Join AACSB International as we examine the characteristics of "today's student" and how to ensure they, as stakeholders, are accomplishing their goals of succeeding in the classroom and beyond. This seminar will be delivered entirely in Spanish. The seminar materials provided will also be in Spanish.

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Teaching Effectiveness Seminar at AACSB's World Headquarters

Taught by a master instructor, this seminar provides innovative methods and a framework for effective teaching in today's increasingly competitive academic environment. Gain the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to balance the call for scholarship with the creation and delivery of highly relevant, student-focused courses.

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Teaching Effectiveness Seminar on Your Campus

AACSB International now offers the Teaching Effectiveness Seminar on campus for schools who wish to develop and enhance the skills of their faculty and improve overall quality without having to travel.

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* Seminars that are region specific.