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Finance and Investment Committee (FIComm)


The Finance and Investment Committee provides oversight to ensure AACSB's financial health and asset protection. The Finance and Investment Committee monitors the financial strategies of AACSB, and oversees the AACSB Investment Portfolio.


The Finance and Investment Committee is composed of six members of the Board of Directors. The composition of the Committee should reflect AACSB's commitment to diversity and inclusion. The Secretary-Treasurer of AACSB serves as an ex officio member of the Committee. Committee members may serve a maximum of three, one-year terms, which may run consecutively. One Committee member is designated as Committee Chair by the Vice Chair-Chair Elect (who shall preside as Board Chair during the year for which the appointments are made). In addition, one member is designated as Committee Vice Chair who serves as Chair in the absence of the Committee Chair.


Stephanie Bryant, Missouri State University

Vice Chair

Natalya Delcoure, Texas A&M University-Kingsville


Nancy Bagranoff, University of Richmond
Enase Okonedo, Lagos Business School

Staff Liaison

Neil Bosland (neil.bosland@aacsb.edu)
Pat Moser (pat.moser@aacsb.edu)
Thomas Robinson (tom.robinson@aacsb.edu)