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Asia Pacific Advisory Council (APAC)


The purpose of the Asia Pacific Advisory Council (APAC) is to: (1) advise the AACSB Board and staff on key issues and challenges related to Asia Pacific business education and AACSB's activities and engagement in the Asia Pacific context; (2) meet regularly with regional and country-level affinity groups or self-help groups and networks to evaluate needs, issues, and opportunities to share with AACSB; (3) assist AACSB staff in identification and planning of AACSB programming, member services, etc. for Asia Pacific business schools; and (4) recommend candidates for AACSB governance roles.


The Asia Pacific Advisory Council is composed of an APAC Chair, Vice Chair, and five members to be appointed by the Vice Chair-Chair Elect of the AACSB Board of Directors (who shall preside as Board Chair during the year for which the appointments are made). Of the seven members, at least four will be deans (or chief officers) representing AACSB accredited institutions located in the Asia Pacific region, and the remainder will be deans (or chief officers) representing Asia Pacific institutions that, at the time of appointment, are formally accepted into the AACSB pre-accreditation or initial accreditation process.
Normally, APAC members will serve three-year terms; however, initial appointments will be made to establish staggered terms as follows: Chair (representing an accredited institution) serves a three-year term; three accredited institution representatives (one with a one-year term, one with a two-year term, and one with a three-year term); two from in-process institutions (one with a one-year term and one with a two-year term). A Vice Chair will be elected by the APAC once appointments are complete.


Lin Zhou, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Uree Cheasakul, Assumption University of Thailand
Vikas Gupta, Deloitte LLP
Kazuo Ichijo, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University
Michelle Lee, Singapore Management University
Arfah Salleh, Unitar International University
Kar Yan Tam, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Gregory Whitwell, The University of Sydney

Staff Liaison

Annie Lo (annie.lo@aacsb.edu)