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AACSB: At the Intersection of Business Schools and Business Practice

AACSB is at the intersection of business and academia, creating a unique opportunity for business practice to engage with business schools, in turn helping students become better leaders.

We empower member schools to meet the changing needs of global business by encouraging curriculum and program innovation, business practice engagement, and societal impact—so we can all be a force for good in the global economy.

What to Look for When Hiring Top Talent

When hiring top talent for your organization, a critical component of their skill set is often their education. But how do you know if a candidate’s education has really prepared them to meet your business’s needs? Are all degrees created equal?

Once a candidate indicates they’ve earned a business degree (whether at the undergraduate or graduate level), your next step should be to verify that degree was granted by an AACSB-accredited institution.

AACSB-accredited schools have earned their distinction by participating in a rigorous quality improvement process, ensuring they

  • Deliver on their mission and education promise
  • Maintain the highest-quality faculty
  • Offer a relevant, evolving, and challenging curriculum
  • Provide educational and career opportunities not found at any other business schools

Only 5 percent of the world’s business schools have earned AACSB Accreditation. Are your top candidates a part of this elite class?

More than 85 percent of graduating students* surveyed feel their graduate management education was successful in increasing their employability. Business graduates also agree/strongly agree that their graduate management education

  • Improved their chances of finding a job that meets their expectations
  • Provided a competitive advantage in the job market
  • Prepared them to meet the challenges of their job market
  • Empowered them to be in control of their employment outcomes

*Source: GMAC® (2015). Global Management Education Graduate Survey, special analysis of graduates from AACSB-accredited universities.

To quickly find out if a candidate’s business degree came from an AACSB-accredited school, visit BestBizSchools and simply search for the school name.

Get Involved and Shape the Direction of Business Education

With over 40,000 thought leaders, educators, and innovators at over 1,500 institutions across 90 countries and territories, AACSB’s global network is the best place to gain access to the people who are shaping the course of business education. But they can’t do it alone.

The best business programs are shaped by business itself—by professionals in the field, facing today’s global and economic challenges. When academia and business practice combine,

  • Business school programs are enriched with in-field expertise through curriculum development and experiential learning
  • Businesses benefit from academic research designed to solve the toughest problems and spot the trends of tomorrow
  • Business students graduate as well-rounded, analytical, collaborative leaders ready for the job market

Learn more about AACSB’s efforts to connect business schools with business practice by accessing the following resources:

AACSB’s Business Practices Council serves as the collaborative partnership for an ongoing and sustainable relationship between the business community and business schools at the management education industry level.

Watch how Pace University’s Lubin School of Business is successfully integrating experiential learning via its MediaStorm Master’s in Social Media and Mobile Marketing, jointly delivered by MediaStorm and the Lubin School.