Peer Review Teams

Peer-Review Teams are comprised of volunteer deans and business school administrators from AACSB-accredited business schools. These teams conduct accreditation review visits and communicate with committees regarding the process of an institution in process. The documents below serve as guides and templates for peer review volunteers.

General Peer Review Team Resources

The below documents are for reviews under the 2013 Standards. For documentation for reviews under the 2003 Standards, please click here.

Initial Accreditation Reviews under the 2013 Standards

General Initial Peer Review Team Resources

Pre-Visit Resources

Initial Visit Resources

Deferral of Accreditation Reviews under the 2013 Standards

Continuous Improvement Review 1 (Formerly known as 5th Year Maintenance Review) Sample Visit Schedule—Business Only

Continuous Improvement Review 2 (Formerly known as Sixth-Year Maintenance of Accreditation Review)

Focused Reviews (Formerly known as CR1 and CR2)