Accreditation Fees

Fees from Eligibility Application through the Initial Accreditation Visit:

Eligibility Application Fee 1,000 USD
Initial Accreditation Fee (Business or Accounting)1 5,400 USD
Initial Business or Initial Accounting Accreditation Visit Application Fee2 14,000 USD

Fees for Accredited Institutions:

Annual Accreditation Fee (Business) 5,400 USD
Annual Accreditation Fee (Business and Accounting) 8,700 USD

Continuous Improvement Review (Maintenance) fees are included in the annual accreditation fee.

Schools put on a Continuous Improvement Review 2, Focused Review 1, Focused Review 2, or Deferral are assessed an additional 5,000 USD.

1 Fee paid annually while in the Initial Accreditation Process.

2 Due following the submission of the Initial Accreditation Application.