Initial Accreditation

The Initial Accreditation Process is a rigorous review that involves peers from business schools, experienced committees, and AACSB staff. The Initial Accreditation Process follows the successful completion and approval of the Eligibility Application. Initial Accreditation includes a thorough review of the information submitted with the Eligibility Application, a mentor visit, the development/approval of an Initial Self Evaluation Report (iSER), subsequent updates to the iSER, submission of the Final Self Evaluation Report, and Peer Review Team Visit. Once a school achieves Initial Accreditation, it will be placed in a five-year Continuous Improvement Review cycle.

Business Initial Accreditation Resources

Required Business Initial Accreditation Documents

Development of Gap Analysis and Initial Self Evaluation Report (iSER)

iSER Update Report

Required Attachments

Required Tables

Required Documents for an Initial Business Accreditation Review Under the 2013 Standards

All of the above documents should be saved, completed, and emailed to: Please contact your AACSB Accreditation Staff Liaison for application submission deadlines.  You can locate your AACSB Accreditation Staff Liaison via the Organizational Information in the AACSB Exchange.