Business Practices Council


The purpose of the Business Practices Council (BPC) is to serve as the collaborative partnership for an ongoing and sustainable relationship between the business community and business schools at the management education industry level (AACSB). Their work, as a partnership, should seek to improve management education worldwide and address issues mutually beneficial to both business and academe.


The Business Practices Council is composed of a chair, co-chair, six business school deans and twelve to sixteen members of the business community, with the private, public and social sectors all represented. The chair should be a business practitioner and sit on the AACSB Board of Directors, and will be appointed by the chair of the AACSB Board of Directors. The co-chair should be a business school dean, preferable with prior business experience. This may be modified at a later point as the council matures in its operations.


Michael Thomas, Booz Allen Hamilton


Michael Arena, General Motors Corporation 
Neil Braun, Pace University 
Shaun Budnik, KPMG 
Joseph DiAngelo, Saint Joseph's University 
Ceree Eberly, The Coca-Cola Company 
Kenneth Freeman, Boston University 
Reginald Gilyard, Chapman University 
Tony Lee, Society for Human Resource Management 
Anil Makhija, The Ohio State University 
Mike McCracken, McCracken Alliance 
David Payne, Educational Testing Service 
Rebecca Ray, The Conference Board, Inc. 
Thomas Robinson, AACSB International

Staff Liaison

Becky Gann (
Michael Wiemer (